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    I aim to create pictures that tell stories...your stories. I love hearing my clients stories and I can't wait to talk with you about what stories we will create together. Please take a few minutes to look through my work and get to know my style.

    I love being around people; and love documenting people's life. Animated and Spontaneous people? I love them. Most of all, I really enjoy creating honest, heartfelt pictures cause the emotional response for my subjects or the viewers; the images that give me the goosebumps while taking them behind the camera. Through this process, I also learn new things about life as well ...... about love, passion, friendship, and what makes people tick and sets them alive. I have done a lot of career throughout my life, from Software Engineer, Record Store Owner, Party Promoter, Raves and Clubs DJ, Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher (right?) but I have never been happier than to be a Photographer. I am sure a lot of Photographer would agree with me. :)

    This blog serves as a showcase for my work. On the top menu, you can see the Categories and you can click on the categories of your interests. Once clicked, you will be presented with an array of posts in that particular category. I try to blog regularly, but due to my busy schedules it is hard for me to update my blog regularly. Please scroll down my blog's post to view favorite pictures that I have taken recently. To view the other/older posts, you can click on the Categories again. Please feel free to leave comments located below each post as I would like to hear from you. Any questions? Please write me an email to sessions@harrywhophotography.com. Thank you for stopping by.

Michelle and Bobby

Michelle and Bobby were married in San Jose, and through a friend she booked me for the Getting Ready shots at the hotel De Anza in downtown San Jose. I managed to capture great “getting ready” shots because they were surrounded by the people who love them and that feelings can be captured in the pictures. That’s one reason why I am so addicted taking pictures for weddings, to witness how people that are so close to each other express their inner feelings about their friendship, love & happiness. And I am so proud and thankful to be their photographer. I hope that doesn’t too corny. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anywho, here are many of my favorites pictures from that great day.

Michelle & her lovely daughter Rylin bonded before she got into her dress.

I just love these next pictures of Michelle. She wore a beautiful Bridal corset custom made by Dark Garden from San Francisco.

A magnificent example of Group Effort ……

As Rodney Dangerfield said: “I got No Respect….”

These next 4 pictures pretty much sum what I love about Wedding. Earlier that day, Michelle expressed her feeling about wanting me to capture Bobby’s face expression when he sees her in her beautiful Wedding dress for the very first time. So I made a plan to hid Michelle in the hotel hallway and asked Bobby to stand to face me and proceeded to pretend that I was taking his pictures. Michelle came approaching ever so slowly & quietly towards Bobby and then……….

In the above picture, you can see how Michelle intensedly hold her breath.
Although Michele grafully touched Bobby’s arm, Bobby didn’t realize that was his wife to be standing next to him….. You can see tears in the corner of Michelle’s eyes.

Then Bobby realized what has just happened and took a couple of steps back and said: “Oh my God, look at you….. you look so beautiful….Oh my God!”

Finally…. the Look of Love as the ever so lovely Dusty Springfield sang it.


Tasha and Anthony ESession

Tasha and Anthony was referred by an old friend’s sister in law. That’s how most of my clients met me; through friend’s recommendation. So it is definitely a great advantage to having plenty of “lovely friends”. She contacted me and we immediately clicked on having me as her Wedding Photographer at the Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz. For the engagement session, we went to De Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and then we headed to the Baker Beach. These are my favorites from that Session.

Congratulations once again guys…. Can’t wait for your September Wedding.

Their little daughter is a very talented baby…..


Ashley and Andy – Miners Foundry, Nevada City

I have met Ashley and Andy through the wife of a fellow DJ Jonathan Fowler. Again, having nice friends spreading the words of your Photography business is definitely a blessing. I can’t say thank you enough to my great friends.
Ashley have decided on Nevada City in Tahoe as a location. She chose the Miners Foundry as the Wedding location. I haven’t been to Nevada City before, but it turned out to be a very cute little city with beautiful old western country character. Many of its alleys has cute old buildings and antique shops. Plus it has great bars and restaurant. I stayed at a very reasonable hotel called Northern Inn; and people in the whole town are very friendly and helpful. I went to a little restaurant called Ike which recommended by the hotel crew, it is known for the Cajun style breakfast. The food there is amazing. That’s a shame that I could only stay there for 2 days. As they say, so many restaurants so little time….

Anyway, back to Ashley and Andy…… Ashley and Andy’s family came from all over the country: Texas, Virginia, California. They also stayed at the Northern Inn where I was staying and they invited me to join them in their little shindigs there the night prior and after the Wedding. Their family are so amazing especially in welcoming a stranger like me and made me feel so welcomed. Andy’s dad and brother got me into the GlenRothes Whisky, one of the best sipping Whiskey around. I have included the picture of the bottle below. That’s the wonder of Wedding; I came as a stranger and later came home knowing great people as if I have known them for years. I feel so lucky doing what I love.

The Infamous Glenrothes with Andy in the background sipping the great whisky…

These 2 pictures give me the goosebumps everytime I look at them. Andy’s mom rocks and in fact, Andy’s whole family were fantastic people. They were from all over the States but most of them were from Texas. They are super nice & love to party…..my kind of people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Slight disturbance on the Dance floor.

I love the anagram on top of the Wedding cake


Tim and Trish’s Wedding, Negril, Jamaica

Tim & Trish saw my website through my close friend’s recommendation (thanks Miranda) who thought that I would be suitable for their Destination Wedding in Negril, Jamaica. After conversing on the phone, they decided to bring me along to Jamaica (yay). There were 22 people in the Wedding party, and I have never met anyone of them. On the way to the hotel, at the Montego Bay airport; I happened to share a taxi with another couple who happened to be going to the same resort. Little that we know, we were going to the same Wedding. What a way to break the ice.
The minute I met Tim and Trish, we know that we are going to get along well and have a blast. I spent 5 days with their wonderful families and they all welcomed me as if they have known me for years. What a wonderful and friendly crowd.
The daily rain didn’t deter them from having a great time, from sunbathing in the rain to hot tubing, swimming around the bar til the early morning. The nasty rain forecast signaled us to move the Wedding indoors, and it was an unforgetable Ceremony and indeed was a emotional day for everyone. One of my favorite moments was when Zack, their 8 year old son, did a welcome speech to welcome his dad to the family.
To watch the slideshow, just hit the play button below. Please be patient as it may take a while to download. FYI, the download seems to be faster during the morning time. Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog.

VivianJuly 16, 2008 - 4:28 pm

I really felt the fun, and I loved the candid nature of all the pictures!

Tim JohnsonMay 5, 2009 - 7:41 am

I don’t know what I can say about Harry. I have so many wonderful things I could say about him. As he indicated I didn’t know him before we met at our wedding rendevous; however, he will forever be a friend of my family. He was able to capture so many beautiful memories of the most special event in me and my wifes’ life and we will be forever grateful.

Harry Who?… The man, the myth, the LEGEND! IRIE MON!