Michelle and Bobby

Michelle and Bobby were married in San Jose, and through a friend she booked me for the Getting Ready shots at the hotel De Anza in downtown San Jose. I managed to capture great “getting ready” shots because they were surrounded by the people who love them and that feelings can be captured in the pictures. That’s one reason why I am so addicted taking pictures for weddings, to witness how people that are so close to each other express their inner feelings about their friendship, love & happiness. And I am so proud and thankful to be their photographer. I hope that doesn’t too corny. 🙂 Anywho, here are many of my favorites pictures from that great day.

Michelle & her lovely daughter Rylin bonded before she got into her dress.

I just love these next pictures of Michelle. She wore a beautiful Bridal corset custom made by Dark Garden from San Francisco.

A magnificent example of Group Effort ……

As Rodney Dangerfield said: “I got No Respect….”

These next 4 pictures pretty much sum what I love about Wedding. Earlier that day, Michelle expressed her feeling about wanting me to capture Bobby’s face expression when he sees her in her beautiful Wedding dress for the very first time. So I made a plan to hid Michelle in the hotel hallway and asked Bobby to stand to face me and proceeded to pretend that I was taking his pictures. Michelle came approaching ever so slowly & quietly towards Bobby and then……….

In the above picture, you can see how Michelle intensedly hold her breath.
Although Michele grafully touched Bobby’s arm, Bobby didn’t realize that was his wife to be standing next to him….. You can see tears in the corner of Michelle’s eyes.

Then Bobby realized what has just happened and took a couple of steps back and said: “Oh my God, look at you….. you look so beautiful….Oh my God!”

Finally…. the Look of Love as the ever so lovely Dusty Springfield sang it.


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