I have met Ashley and Andy through the wife of a fellow DJ Jonathan Fowler. Again, having nice friends spreading the words of your Photography business is definitely a blessing. I can’t say thank you enough to my great friends.
Ashley have decided on Nevada City in Tahoe as a location. She chose the Miners Foundry as the Wedding location. I haven’t been to Nevada City before, but it turned out to be a very cute little city with beautiful old western country character. Many of its alleys has cute old buildings and antique shops. Plus it has great bars and restaurant. I stayed at a very reasonable hotel called Northern Inn; and people in the whole town are very friendly and helpful. I went to a little restaurant called Ike which recommended by the hotel crew, it is known for the Cajun style breakfast. The food there is amazing. That’s a shame that I could only stay there for 2 days. As they say, so many restaurants so little time….

Anyway, back to Ashley and Andy…… Ashley and Andy’s family came from all over the country: Texas, Virginia, California. They also stayed at the Northern Inn where I was staying and they invited me to join them in their little shindigs there the night prior and after the Wedding. Their family are so amazing especially in welcoming a stranger like me and made me feel so welcomed. Andy’s dad and brother got me into the GlenRothes Whisky, one of the best sipping Whiskey around. I have included the picture of the bottle below. That’s the wonder of Wedding; I came as a stranger and later came home knowing great people as if I have known them for years. I feel so lucky doing what I love.

The Infamous Glenrothes with Andy in the background sipping the great whisky…

These 2 pictures give me the goosebumps everytime I look at them. Andy’s mom rocks and in fact, Andy’s whole family were fantastic people. They were from all over the States but most of them were from Texas. They are super nice & love to party…..my kind of people. 🙂

Slight disturbance on the Dance floor.

I love the anagram on top of the Wedding cake

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