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    I aim to create pictures that tell stories...your stories. I love hearing my clients stories and I can't wait to talk with you about what stories we will create together. Please take a few minutes to look through my work and get to know my style.

    I love being around people; and love documenting people's life. Animated and Spontaneous people? I love them. Most of all, I really enjoy creating honest, heartfelt pictures cause the emotional response for my subjects or the viewers; the images that give me the goosebumps while taking them behind the camera. Through this process, I also learn new things about life as well ...... about love, passion, friendship, and what makes people tick and sets them alive. I have done a lot of career throughout my life, from Software Engineer, Record Store Owner, Party Promoter, Raves and Clubs DJ, Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher (right?) but I have never been happier than to be a Photographer. I am sure a lot of Photographer would agree with me. :)

    This blog serves as a showcase for my work. On the top menu, you can see the Categories and you can click on the categories of your interests. Once clicked, you will be presented with an array of posts in that particular category. I try to blog regularly, but due to my busy schedules it is hard for me to update my blog regularly. Please scroll down my blog's post to view favorite pictures that I have taken recently. To view the other/older posts, you can click on the Categories again. Please feel free to leave comments located below each post as I would like to hear from you. Any questions? Please write me an email to sessions@harrywhophotography.com. Thank you for stopping by.

Luiza and Alcindo – Elopement at San Jose County Clerk Office

\In my experience as a San Jose Wedding Photographer, I always love photographing elopement at San Jose County Clerk Office or San Francisco City Hall. I love these Elopement because they are intimate Weddings, attended by a small number of guests Often by the parents and close member of family of the Bride and Groom. However, it can be challenging for a Photographer because usually the ceremony usually happens so fast and only last for about 10 minutes. I love these challenges so I have to work carefully, efficiently and plan my shots before hand.

I was contacted by Alcinto and Luiza a few days before his Wedding at the San Jose Clerk Office. I met with the couple and Luiza’s parents who flew over from Brazil to witness their daughter’s Wedding. Since the parent’s English are limited, the B&G (bride and groom) had to translate for me but it was pretty easy to photograph them because they were so easy going and they are so in love. We started the coverage with taking a few pictures at the backyard before entering the Wedding Chapel. As I expected, the Wedding lasts about 8 minutes and here are my favorite images. So if you are looking for a Photographer to capture your Elopement at the San Jose Country Clerk Recording Office, please contact me via email at sessions@harrywhophotography.com. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

A bride kissed by her parents before her Wedding Ceremony at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office
A bride lovingly looking at her mother before her Elopement at San Jose County Clerk Recording Office
A father lovingly looking at his daughter before her Wedding at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office
A Wedding couple glanced at each other in front of the Chapel
A Wedding couple posed at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A Wedding couple posed at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A Wedding couple posed at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A Wedding couple posed at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A bride looking at her groom on her ceremony at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A bride smiling while putting a ring on her husband
Elopement at San Jose County Clerk Office
A bride hug her crying father after her Elopement at San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A newly wed couple smiling as they left their Wedding ceremony at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard
A newly wed couple walked through the rice thrown by their parents after a Wedding ceremony at the San Jose Clerk Recording Office backyard

Sarah and Jason – Silver Creek Country Club Wedding

I posted Sarah and Jason’s fun engagement pictures in San Francisco on my blog here and in September they finally had their Silver Creek Country Club Wedding. We started the day documenting their getting ready at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Since the day schedule is full we did the first look at the promenade of the Fairmont Hotel.
Then we are ready for the Fall Outdoor Ceremony, and the weather can’t be better. The ceremony was full of tears and laughter. In the middle of the ceremony, the couple heard the pastor said Boom Boom so they kissed. It was so funny, and I managed to catch them on the camera kissing. You can see that down below. The reception was very fun and full of laughters and tears as well. I really enjoyed photographing their Wedding and I love spontaneous people. Hope you enjoyed the images and let me know if you have any questions about my Wedding Photography. I can easily be reached by email at sessions@harrywhophotography.com or phone at (408) 209 5133

A photo of Wedding gifts for 5 groomsmen at a Wedding
A collage of happy groomsmen opening up their Wedding gifts
Groomsmen helping each other putting up their lilac color bowtie
Such a cool invitation.
A really cool invitatioon that looks like a boarding pass
A artistic image of a Wedding hanging by a hotel room window
A close up of the Wedding dress hanging by a custom made hanger with the name Lee made of wire
A collage of bride getting ready in the bathroom accompany by her mom
A dramatic black and white image of a bride getting ready
Image of a mom watching her daughter being made up for her Wedding
Jason getting so emotional ready Sarah’s love note.
An image of an emotional groom reading a love note delivered to him on the Wedding day
A collage of groom reading a his bride to be
A cool silhouette of a groom helped to get ready by his dad
A cool image of a bride getting her make up retouched before getting into her dress
Female Bridal party showing off their shoes
An image of bride laying across her bridesmaids on the sofa
A happy birde admiring her hanging Wedding dress
A bride sitting quietly opening her Wedding gift from her husband to be
Bridesmaids kneeling on the floor helping a Bride getting ready
A bride being helped by her 4 bridesmaids
A maid of honor helping a bride putting on her Wedding shoes
Bride opening up the window curtain
A collage of bride posing in front of hotel window
A beautiful bride in her wedding gown standing next to a hotel window
A photograph of a bride under her wedding veil
A bride photographed next to a mirror next to her own reflection
A bride walks up to her husband to be on their first look
A collage of images husband turns around to see the wife to be at the first look
A collage of images of bride and groom after their first look
A collage of images or portrait of happy bride and groom
A cool picture of a bride and groom embracing
A beautiful bride in a classical pose lifting up her veil
A bride and groom pose in front of the Photobooth at the Fairmont Hotel
A bride making faces to her groom in the car as they go to the ceremony place
A bride kisses her groom passionately in the lips
A picture of a groom showing his bride the location of their wedding through a big french window
Groom and his mirror reflection tying his bowtie
A mother being kissed by her 2 sons
Mother in law looks on as groom was helped to adjust his boutonniere by his mom
A groom took a selfie before walking to the aisle for his own wedding
A cool picture of a father walk in hand in hand with her daughter on her wedding day
A picture of ceremony in place at SIlver Creek Country Club
Wedding Ceremony going on with the palm trees in the background
Another beautiful picture of the crowd at Silver Creek Country Club Wedding
A bride holding her breath as the groom reads his line at their Wedding
Groosmen cracks a laughter as the groom reads his wedding vow
A picture of smiling groomsmen at Silver Creek Country Club Wedding
A picture of bridesmaids holding their tears at a Wedding
A mother seen holding her tears as she watches her son
A view of Wedding in progress at Silver Creek Country Club with Palm trees in the background
They overheard Boom Boom and they thought that was the signal to kiss.  Apparently not.  Note Sarah’s face after realizing the mistake.
A bride gave a puzzled look as she realized that it wasn
A triptych of ring sequence exchange at a Wedding at Silver Creek Country Club
It is customary in Korean Wedding tradition, the couple had to get blessing from the parents.  Usually it is very tender moments for all parties.
A triptych of ring exchange sequence at a Wedding
A collage of bride and groom embracing their parents in the middle of Wedding Ceremony
A groom seen crying after embracing his parents
A happy groom cupping his wife
a happy newly wed right after the announcement of them being husband and wife
A newly wed kisses as they walk away from the altar
a cute image of newly wed kisses while their friends smiles and cheers
A happy groom looks back and stick out his tongue to the Wedding guests
A newly cheering as they walk to their hide out place
A picture of guests being transported on a golf cart
a picturesque image of the scenery of Silver Creek Country Club
Guests congratulating the bride after her Wedding
A group picture of family making faces during the family formal session
A cute family picture hugging together
a cute picture of a husband and wife sitting on their guests chairs
a cute picture of newly weds on their guests chairs
An artistic picture of a newly wed couple with the beautiful sunset cloud in the background
A picture of a man hugging his wife on the Silver Creek scenic point
A newly wed couple poses in front of the Silver Creek fountain
A couple kisses on a golf cart with the scenic view of silver creek as a background
Sarah teaches art to young students.  For the Wedding, her students made her  thje cake toppers.  So cool.  Did I say that I love this cake.  Yes, so gorgeous.
Bride getting helped by her bridesmaids to get her train bustled
A beautiful picture of a wedding cake
A close up of Wedding Cake topper
A happy newly wed dances as they walked in for their reception announcement
A happy groom drags his new wife arount the room while doing a selfie with a selfie stick
The lady who actually introduced them got a big shout out.  Bravo!
I love tender moments like this.
These images below are the reason you need 2 experienced shooters for your Wedding.  You can get shots from different angles and perspective.
The left image below gives me the goose bump, mom and sis hugs watching the dad dance with Sarah.
As I mentioned before, I photographed this couple for their Wedding.  They recommended me to Sarah and Jason and I had the chance to meet their new baby and their whole family.  Thanks Daniel and Monica.

Anna and David – Santa Cruz Beach Engagement Session

Anna and David loves to travel and name any places in the world, they probably have been there. They will be tying the knot in San Francisco’s Olympic Club and they wanted to do their Engagement Session in Santa Cruz. July is a perfect month to shoot the Santa Cruz Beach Engagement Session. So off we went to Felton to the hanging bridge. Then we haad to Santa Cruz for the the rest of the session. Here are my favorite images from their session.

A beautiful girl looking to her right shoulder to pose for the camera
A man hugs his beautiful fiance from the back while being lit by the late afternoon sunlight
A collage of a couple standing in front of a barn door
A couple standing on rock on the beach overlook to the sea
a picture of a couple sits on the rock on the beach
A collage of a man and his girlfriend on beach rock during their Santa Cruz Beach Engagement Session
A picture of the water reflection of legs of a couple kissing
A picture of the water reflection of a couple kissing
A picture of a couple walking into the sunshine
A triptych of a loving couple on the beach
A candid picture of a girl piggy backing on her boyfriend during their Santa Cruz Engagement Session
A candid picture of a man caressing his girlfriend
A picture of a man lifts his girlfriend in the water

If you would to obtain more information on my services on Wedding, Family, Headshot and Event Photography, please visit my website:  San Jose Photographer.


Sarah and Jason – SF Fun Engagement Session

Jason and Sarah hired me as their Wedding Photographer through my Wedding Clients, Daniel and Monica. It proves to you that the words of mouth are the best form of advertisement, and that is why as a Photographer I thrive on giving my clients the best service. In fact, Daniel and Monica has recommended me to another couple. Thanks Daniel and Monica.
Now back to Jason and Sarah. 🙂 For their Engagement Session, they would like to bring their 3 dogs to the session, so we divided the 5 hours session into 2 sessions. Lake Vasona is the perfect location for the first session for the couple and their 3 dogs. For the 2nd session they opt for a SF Fun Engagement Session. We went to the Mission Area and then head back to the Palace of Fine Art. Please check out the images from their Engagement Session below. If you have any questions or inquiries about having me as your Photographer for your Wedding, please contact me via my website: www.harrywhophotography.com.

A man and his fiance looks away at the Lake with their 3 dogs
A man and his fiance pose with their 3 dogs
A cute picture of a girl kissing her fiance
Beautiful Black and White image of a girl snuggles with her fiance
A man hugs his fiance on the red bridge
A girl dress in black and white standing in front a black and white graffiti wall in SF
A man standing in front of a wall that says Man
A collage of a couple posing at a graffiti filled alley during their SF Fun Engagement Session
A couple sits on the sidewalk as a part of SF Fun Engagement Session
A couple kisses for a photo in front of a classic car
A girl hug her fiance from the back
A collage of a couple possing at the Palace of Fine Art in SF
A girl leans on her fiance at the Palace of Fine Art
A cute couple climbs up the Palace of Fine Art structure
A cute couple posing on top of the Palace of Fine Art
An engaged couple sits and pose at the Palace Of Fine Art SF
An engaged couple embraced under the dome of Palace of Fine Art in SF
A fiance lifts his girlfriend

Maria and Arnel – Wedding at The Ranch Golf Course San Jose

The high school sweethearts, Maria and Arnel, tied the knot at their Wedding at the Ranch Golf Course in San Jose. Their 50s theme fun engagement session was featured on my blog a few months back. For their ceremony, they chose the Five Wounds Church near the downtown San jose. I have shot a few times in this beautiful and gorgeous church. The decor in this church are just amazing and I love this church because I can move around the side of the altar. Of course, as a photographer we have to be quiet, stealthy and respectful during the ceremony. That’s one thing we have to bear in mind because some of my favorite churches now banned photographers to move around which is very sad.

After the ceremony, we headed out to the Ranch Golf Course in Almaden, San Jose. I also have Photographed a number of Weddings there so it is nice to go back. We managed to squeeze in the time to get the large group of the bridal party and also a lot of the Bride and Groom’s picture. Then we went inside for the announcement and speech and then I stole the Bride and Groom for a 15 minute trip to the top of the hill for more portraits. The sunset in May was spectacular and you can see from the pictures below. I really enjoy photographing Maria and Arnel, because everyone was so friendly and happy. It is so easy to capture the unforgettable moments so they can go back and reminisce their big day. During this Wedding, I was assisted by my coleague, the talented Lisa Stone. Let me know if you have any questions, as always I’d like to hear back from my blog visitors.

A groom being helped by his best man to get ready for his wedding
A groom kissing an unopened bottle of whiskey before sharing it with his groomsmen
A groom kissing an unopened bottle of whiskey before sharing it with his groomsmen
An Image of a groom adjusting his cuff link
A bride getting her make up done
Bride getting ready into her Wedding gown helped by her maid of honor
Bridesmaids help zipping up the back zipper of a bride
Close up of a bride getting ready for her wedding
A maid of honor helping to put on the bride
A bride quiet moment caught on camera
A bride putting her shoes helped by her maid of honor
A crying bride reading a letter from her fiance on the day of the wedding
Close up image of a bride
A quiet moment as bride look out to the window
Parents helping a bride to get ready
Bridal party opening up their presents
Excited bridesmaids looking at their presents
Groom and his groomsmen walking to their limo
The groom and groomsmen pose in front of the church
The flower girls plays outside the church
A bride smiles as she waits in her limo
Beautiful shot of the inside of Five Wounds Church
Beautiful shot of the inside of Five Wounds Church
Mom looks at her son
Father and mother walks their son on the aisle
Groom receives blessing from his dad on the altar
Groom cries upon seeing his bride entering the church
A crying groom wiping his tears upong seeing his bride
A happy Father walks her daughter on the aisle
An elated father lifts up his daughter
Bride and Groom holding a bible and rosario
Wedding couple receiving blessing from the Pastor
Groomsmen and ring bearers holding hands during the Catholic ceremony
A beautiful shot of Wedding at the Five Wounds Church in San Jose
The ring bearers plays in the middle of the Wedding Ceremony
Groom looks at his bride while kneeling in the altar
Beautiful shots of the Wedding Ceremony at Five Wounds
Bride and Groom happy face after being announced as Husband and Wife
A picture of 3 cute little ring bearers
A cute formal picture of the Wedding Family on the altar
A cute formal picture of the Wedding Family on the altar
A collage of Bride and Groom
Wedding couple receiving blessing from the Pastor
Wedding couple pose in front of the church
A Wedding couple showing off their Wedding Rings
A photo of the entrance to the Ranch Golf Course in San Jose
A shot of a page in the Guest Signing Book
Bride and her bridesmaids chit chat on the fountain
A shot of the Bridal Party standing between beautiful pillars
A great shot of Bridal Party at the Ranch Golf Course Fountain Square
Bride and Groom pose for their Wedding Pictures
Bride and Groom standing back to back between a pillar
An artistic photo of a wedding couple taken behind the rose bush
A beautiful photo of a groom kissing his bride with the lake in the background
Happy couple doing the happy dance
Bride looks back to the camera while the groom looks on and smiles
A fun collage of WEdding pictures
A picture of Bride and groom walks up the hill
Bride pulls her husband across the filed
A beautiful silhouette of bride and groom walking across the field with the sunset sky in the background
A picture of a couple hugging with a gorgeous sunset sky in the background
A collage of interior decor of Wedding Reception tables at the Ranch Golf Course in San Jose
A Collage of sweets and deserts at a Wedding
A collage of a beautiful Wedding cake
A couple dances as they enter their Wedding Reception
Father of Bride hugs the Groom during his speech
Groom looks up at his Father in Law during the speech
A picture of the Wedding couple laughs during the speech
A picture of happy newlywed during the speech
An laughing couple got toasted during the speech
Guests filmed the Wedding Reception
Bride and Groom posed in front of their Love Table
Newlywed during their first dance
A child on his father shoulder during Wedding dance
A child being held by his father on the dance floor
A man laughs at the bride while dancing with her
Father of bride dances with the bride and laughs incontrolably
A small guest dances with the bride during the money dance
Bride dances with a Guest doing some funky routine
Groom dances with best man
Groom making faces while a guest pinning money on his suit during the money dance
Groomsmen pinning his money on the groom
Two Guests hug the grooms during the money dance
Two ladies dance with the groom
Bride got spun around during money dance by her girlfriend
Father of Groom showing his happy emotion during the reception
Wedding Guests being happy at the receptions
The single ladies lining up for the bouquet toss
The flower flew during the bouquet toss
Rowdy Single guys hyping the groom to get his garter from the bride
Groom slides on the floor towards his sitting bride to get her garter off
A bride laughs while looking towards his kneeling groom
Groom slides on his back towards his sitting bride during the Garter retrieval
Groom took the garter off with his teeth
The Single Guys watching Groom enthusiastically while he retrieves the garter
A picture of single guys waiting to catch the garter
A group of guys trying to catch the garter on the flight
Cute picture of Bride and Groom cutting the cake
People having fun on the dance floor
People having fun on the dance floor
Bride and Groom singing a song while dancing