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    I create pictures that tell stories...your stories. I love hearing my clients stories and I can't wait to talk with you about what stories we will create together. Please take a few minutes to look through my work and get to know my style.

    I love being around people; so babies, children and adults are all my favorite subjects. I love documenting people’s lives. Animated and Spontaneous people? I love them. Most of all, I love taking emotional pictures; the ones that give me the goosebumps while taking them behind the camera. Through this process, I also learn new things about life as well ...about love, passion, friendship, and what makes people tick and sets them alive. So, it can be said that I do take Photography pretty seriously.

    This blog serves as a showcase for my work. Please scroll down my blog to view favorite pictures that I have taken recently. To view the older posts please look on the right column just below this post, where you can find links for those Archived posts all the way back to 2007. Or hit the link that says “Older Posts” on the bottom of the screen. You can also navigate by clicking the links located the right column of the screen. Please feel free to leave comments located below each post as I would like to hear from you. Any questions? Please write me an email to harry@harrywhophotography.com.

Roger’s Family – San Jose Family Photographer

I photographed Roger’s Wedding and now that Christmas Holiday is coming up, it is time for the Christmas Family Session. Their son is so cute and he has such high energy, he runs around a lot but sometimes that’s a great subject to capture. For the location, we chose the Lake Vasona Park in Los Gatos. On the winter time, the vegetation are lush and there are plenty of fallen leaves on the ground.  If you are looking for a San Jose Family Photographer, please visit my site: www.harrywhophotography.com.

Cute collage of a family of 3 and a close up of a cute boy smiling
a cute toddler being kissed by his father taken by a San Jose Family Photographer, Harry Who
a cute toddller walks while his parents kissed in the background
a cute toddler being handed a leave by his mom
a collage of a cute toddler being hugged by his mom and a close up of his cute face smiling
a collage of a toddler being tossed up in the air and a cute close up of his clapping his hands
a cute image of a toddler sitting on the grass in the park

Wedding at SF CIty Hall

I love photographing short Wedding at SF City Hall because it is such a beautiful building with so many giant windows, so when Sherry called me to cover her big day with Ray, I was elated. Both of their parents unfortunately could not attend so they were represented by uncles and aunts and their sons and daugthers. They chose the Dome as their Wedding location and the ceremony was pretty quick, lasting 15 minutes at the most. Here are some of the images that I shot that day. I actually just booked 2 more Wedding at SF City Hall this year, so I will be coming back up in the Summer.

Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
Wedding at SF City Hall
EwaMarch 28, 2016 - 7:22 pm

You got some amazing shots. You made this small and private event look glamorous.

Lauren and Mike’s Engagement Session at Roaring Camp

Mike and Lauren are both dedicated teachers who met in their Graduate School. They lived in Kazakhstan for a couple of years and traveled the world together. They are planning to get married in Saratoga Spring in 2016, because Lauren grew up in the Bay Area. Like almost every couple that I photographed, they were so nervous about the shoot. We talked prior the session and I gave them assurance that they can be themselves, in fact that’s what I really want them to do, because I’d like to capture who they really are. Seemed that my assurance was working because they were having fun and I only have to direct them very little in the 2 hours we were out. They had a great laugh and were feeling at ease during the entire shoot. Here are a few images from the 2 hour engagement session at Roaring Camp. We even managed to catch the beautiful sunset near the Santa Cruz marina.

A silhouette image of a couple at the end of a bridge tunnel during their Engagement session at Roaring Camp
A close up image of a happy engaged couple hugging and showing affection
A candid moment as a couple walking and balancing on the rail track.
A cute picture of a couple kissing while standing on the rail road track
A happy couple stands on a yellow wooden wall looking at each other
A collage of a couple standing and hugging and kissing on a train car
A couple kissing in front of a yellow mustart wooden wall
A couple looking at each other while lying on the grass
A happy engaged couple dances while bathe in the sunlight
A couple sits on the rock while watching the Pacific Ocean
A couple sitting on the rock on the beach in Santa Cruz
A man making faces while his fiance hugs and laughs at his face
A couple showing affection next a beach boulder
A cool photograph of a reflection on the water of a couple kissing
A man hugs his fiance while looking at the ocean during the sunset time
A lady being picked up on the beack and kissed by her fiance during the sunset
A silhouette shadow of a couple with beautiful Santa Cruz
EwaMarch 28, 2016 - 7:25 pm

I think you did manage to document their personalities. Btw, they are such a cute couple!

Mike and Allison – Picchetti Winery Wedding – Cupertino

Mike and Allison met while they were attending their University studying the Chemical Engineering which I think one of the toughest subject to master. They have chosen the intimate Pichetti Winery in Cupertino for ceremony and reception location of their Wedding. Families and friends came from all over California and Nevada to participate in their Union. The Ceremony takes place at the back of the main house in the Winery. After which, the guests spent their time mingling at the front of the Winery at the cocktail hours. They didn’t have DJ but the wine are flowing. Instead of a Wedding cake, family members created a huge spread of home made deserts. . 🙂 Here are some of my favorite images from their Picchetti Winery Wedding.

To find out more information on Picchetti Winery, please visit Picchetti Winery in Cupertino.

A collage showing couples transferring their Wedding outfit from the car to the Wedding location
A bride taking a break at the guesthouse while waiting to get ready for her Wedding
A picture of hanging Groom
A picture of the Groom taken from the ground
Photo of a bride getting her make up done by her friend
A Black and White image of a groom buttoning his wedding dress shirt
A groom pose for his portrait on a chevron pattern wooden wall
A collage of a groom pose sitting on a chair and walking with his best man
 A collage of a bride reaching for her Wedding Dress and her mom helping her buttoning her dress
Bride looking at the mirrow while her aunt straightening her Wedding dress train
A triptych of a bride getting ready for her Picchetti Winery Wedding
A couple smiles at each other while standing at the door
Artistic image of a wedding couple with the groom holding the bouquet and bride looking away outside the door
Portraits of a bride at Picchetti Winery
a collage of a bride standing and leaning on a post at Picchetti Winery
A collage of bride and groom walking while being congratulated by passer bys at the PIcchetti Winery in Cupertino
an image of bride and groom touch forehead
A picture of newly wed walking on the nature
A collage of wedding couple with the sun flare
Picture of Ring Bearer and Flower Girl peeping thru the door glass
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl walking the aisle while guests are smiling looking at them
Father walked her daughter to give her away at a Picchetti Winery Wedding
Groom looking to hold his emotion and tears upon seeing his lovely bride approaching
Father and Bride smiling as they approach the Wedding altar
Beautiful shot of the Picchetti Winery Wedding shot from the balcony
A beautiful shot of the Picchetti Winery Wedding
Bride smiles at her groom at the altar
Crowd clapped after the newly webs are announced
Bride and Groom kissed while the Witness sign the Wedding license
Bride and Groom standing in front of the Guest House for their portrait together after being announced as a husband and wife
Groom standing and bride sitting in front of doors for a portrait
The interior shot of the Wedding Reception at Picchetti Winery
Father of Bride giving a speech at a Reception at the Picchetti Winery

Leo and Jihye – Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding

Leo and Jihye’s Wedding was my first Wedding in 2016 and my 4th Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding. They got married at the beautiful Santa Clara University Mission Church where he went to school. The intimate Winter Wedding was attended by a small number of close friends and family members who travelled from from as far as Canada and Korea. The reception was held at the Adobe located behind the church, a small and quaint location perfect for a small Wedding.

Here are the images from their Wedding celebration. If you have any questions, you can contact me directly via my website at www.harrywhophotography.com.

A bride peeks between the veil and her dress before getting ready for her wedding
A bride getting ready while her sister looks on
Her sister helps her to tie the ribbon behind her Wedding dress
A collage of happy bride sitting and getting her wedding shoes on
A collage of a bride putting on her earrings
A bride happy to see how she look sin the mirror on her wedding day
A collage of brides portraits at the Santa Clara Mission Church
a beautiful bride leaning on the mission wall before her Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding
A collage of a bride with her mom before her Wedding
A bride hugged by her best friend and her sister
Groom and his father help each other in straightening their ties
A groom poses for the camera after he puts on his bowtie
A collage of a smiling groom standing and sitting.
A cool picture of a groom during his Wedding portrait session
A groom standing next to a pillar before his Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding
The groom smiles while his father and father in law looks on the background
The groom and his buddies tried to give direction to a friend who got lost
A shot of the Santa Clara University
A collage of the groom and the bride during a quiet time anticipating their Wedding in the next few minutes
A cute collage of bride and father stealing the last look before he walks her on the aisle
Groom walks the aisle with the priest to start the ceremony at Santa Clara University Mission Church
Groom and priest anxiously wait for the bride to walk in with her father at Santa Clara University Mission Church
A father cries while walking his daughter on the aisle at Santa Clara University Mission Church
An emotional dad hugs her daughter before giving her away at Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding
Bride and Groom sitting at the altar of Santa Clara University Mission Church
Beautiful shots of the Santa Clara University Mission Church interior
Wedding sign picture on the entrance of the Santa Clara University Mission Church
A Catholic Priest giving the sermon at a Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding
Bride and Groom laughing on their Wedding ceremony at Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding
Beautiful shot of a Wedding taken from the balcony of Santa Clara University Mission Church
A beautiful of the Santa Clara University Mission Church altar during a Wedding ceremony
Balcony shot of a Wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom bow to each other on the church altar after exchanging rings
Santa Clara University Mission Church Wedding
Bride and groom visiting their parents after the ring exchange
Groom comforts his emotional bride during the Wedding Ceremony
Bride getting emotional while being welcomed by the groom
Bride is wiping her tears on the altar, standing next to her groom
The groom lifting up his arm after being announced as husband and wife
A friend giving a high five to the groom while walks out the aisle with his wife
A cool silhouetted image of a newly wed as they walks out of the Santa Clara University Mission Church
A couple of Bride and Groom
A collage of happy couple exiting their church and kissing couple underneath the vine tree
A couple images of Bride and Groom walking and sitting on a bench
Cute images of Bride and Groom at the historical wall of the Mission
Cute picture of a newly wed on the mission walls at Santa Clara University
A laughing bride being carried away by her husband
Bride and Groom entering their Wedding Reception
A mother got emotional when the Groom thanked her for raising him
An embarassed bride being toasted by her husband
A newly wed being toasted at the reception by their friends
A newly wed having a great time, laughing at their reception night
A newly wed enjoying their merangue on their reception
Groom and his buddies cheering for the shot