Immersed in Love

A couple In Love

Meet a couple that so immersed in love, ¬†she is a pianist studying for her Masters in Music in IL and he is an who Engineer who moved to work in the West Coast. They met at school and fell in Love, When they got together last week, they decided to get eloped here without their parents who live in China. They called me for a last minute session on Christmas Eve’s morning to send pictures to their parents. I thought they were interesting so off we went for the shoot last Friday. We were shooting in downtown Los Gatos, and people were honking, clapping, wishing them the Congratulations. It was super awesome. Here are 4 of my favorites from the Brrrr Early Morning Session.

An urban Wedding picture of a couple
An image of a couple walking on the edge of the lake
A photograph of a couple reminiscing on the lake's beach
A beautiful image of a bride looking back
A wonderful image of a couple in love
An artistic image of a newly so immersed in love
A sensous photo of a beautiful bride kissed by her husband
A collage of a couple in downtown scene

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