Mike and Allison – Picchetti Winery Wedding – Cupertino

Newly Wed posing at Picchetti Winery

Mike and Allison met while they were attending their University studying the Chemical Engineering which I think one of the toughest subject to master. They have chosen the intimate Pichetti Winery in Cupertino for ceremony and reception location of their Wedding. Families and friends came from all over California and Nevada to participate in their Union. The Ceremony takes place at the back of the main house in the Winery. After which, the guests spent their time mingling at the front of the Winery at the cocktail hours. They didn’t have DJ but the wine are flowing. Instead of a Wedding cake, family members created a huge spread of home made deserts. . 🙂 Here are some of my favorite images from their Picchetti Winery Wedding.

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A collage showing couples transferring their Wedding outfit from the car to the Wedding location
A bride taking a break at the guesthouse while waiting to get ready for her Wedding
A picture of hanging Groom's suit and Bride's gown in front of the guest house where they are getting ready
A picture of the Groom taken from the ground
Photo of a bride getting her make up done by her friend
A Black and White image of a groom buttoning his wedding dress shirt
A groom pose for his portrait on a chevron pattern wooden wall
A collage of a groom pose sitting on a chair and walking with his best man
 A collage of a bride reaching for her Wedding Dress and her mom helping her buttoning her dress
Bride looking at the mirrow while her aunt straightening her Wedding dress train
A triptych of a bride getting ready for her Picchetti Winery Wedding
A couple smiles at each other while standing at the door
Artistic image of a wedding couple with the groom holding the bouquet and bride looking away outside the door
Portraits of a bride at Picchetti Winery
a collage of a bride standing and leaning on a post at Picchetti Winery
A collage of bride and groom walking while being congratulated by passer bys at the PIcchetti Winery in Cupertino
an image of bride and groom touch forehead
A picture of newly wed walking on the nature's path at Picchetti Winery
A collage of wedding couple with the sun flare
Picture of Ring Bearer and Flower Girl peeping thru the door glass
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl walking the aisle while guests are smiling looking at them
Father walked her daughter to give her away at a Picchetti Winery Wedding
Groom looking to hold his emotion and tears upon seeing his lovely bride approaching
Father and Bride smiling as they approach the Wedding altar
Bride's parents laugh at the beginning of the ceremony
Beautiful shot of the Picchetti Winery Wedding shot from the balcony
A beautiful shot of the Picchetti Winery Wedding
Bride smiles at her groom at the altar
Crowd clapped after the newly webs are announced
Bride and Groom kissed while the Witness sign the Wedding license
Bride and Groom standing in front of the Guest House for their portrait together after being announced as a husband and wife
Groom standing and bride sitting in front of doors for a portrait
The interior shot of the Wedding Reception at Picchetti Winery
Father of Bride giving a speech at a Reception at the Picchetti Winery

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