Lauren and Mike’s Engagement Session at Roaring Camp

Engaged at Roaring Camp

Mike and Lauren are both dedicated teachers who met in their Graduate School. They lived in Kazakhstan for a couple of years and traveled the world together. They are planning to get married in Saratoga Spring in 2016, because Lauren grew up in the Bay Area. Like almost every couple that I photographed, they were so nervous about the shoot. We talked prior the session and I gave them assurance that they can be themselves, in fact that’s what I really want them to do, because I’d like to capture who they really are. Seemed that my assurance was working because they were having fun and I only have to direct them very little in the 2 hours we were out. They had a great laugh and were feeling at ease during the entire shoot. Here are a few images from the 2 hour engagement session at Roaring Camp. We even managed to catch the beautiful sunset near the Santa Cruz marina.

A silhouette image of a couple at the end of a bridge tunnel during their Engagement session at Roaring Camp
A close up image of a happy engaged couple hugging and showing affection
A candid moment as a couple walking and balancing on the rail track.
A cute picture of a couple kissing while standing on the rail road track
A happy couple stands on a yellow wooden wall looking at each other
A collage of a couple standing and hugging and kissing on a train car
A couple kissing in front of a yellow mustart wooden wall
A couple looking at each other while lying on the grass
A happy engaged couple dances while bathe in the sunlight
A couple sits on the rock while watching the Pacific Ocean
A couple sitting on the rock on the beach in Santa Cruz
A man making faces while his fiance hugs and laughs at his face
A couple showing affection next a beach boulder
A cool photograph of a reflection on the water of a couple kissing
A man hugs his fiance while looking at the ocean during the sunset time
A lady being picked up on the beack and kissed by her fiance during the sunset
A silhouette shadow of a couple with beautiful Santa Cruz's sunset sky as a background

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