Every summer since 1999, I have been attending Boat Party in Lake Don Pedro. It was an idea of 2 crazy English friends of ours. This year, we celebrated the 10th Annual party with a record of 118 people attending. Friends from the bay area and as far as UK and Australia came to join the festivity. Of course, you have to be invited and screened to go to this party. 🙂 You can say this party is our own version of Burning Man. Small and friendly, and every activities are encouraged to be a group effort.

This year, we have 2 costume parties. The first one on Friday was Electroboogaloo theme, and the Red Carpet event on Saturday. I am not quite into the costume party, that’s why I chose to be the photographer. 🙂 Another reason that made this year’s party so special. Our dear friends, Amy and Kevin, celebrated their 5th anniversary at LDP where they started dating. On the Sunday night, Kevin asked to her marry him and she agreed. So Congratulations guys.

There was never a shortage of Deejays at our LDP boat party. 30 Djs played their music from hip hop, reggae, dubstep, rock, soul to house music. Right below is the slideshow from the pictures and below are my favorite pictures from the party. Please wait for the slideshow to load, it may take a while.

Waiting for the Pantoon boat to pick up from the Marina……

The sky was greyed out from the extreme natural fires in California. At 3PM, the Sun appreared as a perfect circle. It added a certain mood to the picture.

Can you see the faces of 118 Happy People?

See what I meant about the moody picture?

Water pistol is definitely the favorite toy in the lake. Last year, we had over 30 floaties. So surprise surprise, this year everyone decided not to bring theirs….. so we ended up with less than 10 floaties. Arrrgggh. And I knew that was going to happen…. 🙂

One of our friends, Felicity, came up the Family tree canvas where everyone wrote their names and link their connections to other people. What a great idea…..

New arrivals are greeted with group help…..

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  1. Harry,
    Great site and I love the music. I grew up on LDP. Family weekend house on the golf course. I have to say that I think it’s great that there is a group who enjoys LDP as much as I do. Looks like good times and your photos are amazing.

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