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Female Headshot in San Jose


The image above is one of the many examples of Female Headshots in San Jose that I featured on my website.  Please browse the many styles of headshot that I offer and give me a call if you have any questions. 

I always suggest to my clients to bring along a few options of outfit that they think they might like to wear.  We can then collaborate to see what is the best options considering your outfit. skin color, hair color and background color.  Once we have the optimal solution for you, we can then start with the session.  But first, my aim is to provide you with a comfortable environment and I will try my best to make you feel at ease and make you forget about your nervousness being in front of the camera.  One of the advice that I often give to my clients is please do not try too hard being somebody else. Just be yourself.  After all, it is only a photo session. 


1. Please have the current hair style that you like

2. Make up should natural, it doesn't have to be light but I will put the emphasize on natural.

3. Decide on what outfit and accessories to bring to the session.

4. If you prefer a more muted look then avoid applying too much SPF based foundation on your face because that tend to create the shine on the skin and cause specularity (the little shiny spots on your face).

5. Please bring powder, hair brush, lipstick, hair spray and other products that you might need so you will be able to redo your make up or hair on the spot.

6. Don't be nervous and obtain a great night sleep before coming in.

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