Happy Family of 4
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Happy Family of 4

How to get Candid and Honest emotion at Family Photo Session:

1. I often ask parents not to demand for their kids to behave well during the shoot. They tend to do the opposite.

2. Sometimes I warm up the session with the pose that are candid and ask them to hug each other.

3. I ask them to say Pizzaaaaa and then I would shoot them in burst mode to get the fun expression.

4. Of course, at the processing stage I will swap the faces to feature the best expression of each family members. That's why you hire the Professional who will do more and beyond to get the best images done from your Photo Session.

What is the best outfit for a Family Session:

I prefer the matching colors and solid colors are preferred to clothing with distracting patterns. Eyes of the viewer often will wonder to the patterns rather than focused on the faces.

Location: Los Gatos, CA.