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Modern business headshots Campbell


The high key white background can transform your Headshot Image into a striking, modern and unique business headshot image while still maintaining a great business look. Choosing the right outfit is also very important, since it can contribute to the look you are after. If you like a monochrome look then carefully choose your shades of grey and you might want to blend off white or black blouse or layer. When in doubt, all solid color outfit usually will work well with the white background. If you wish to go with a Colorful outfit, a combination of yellow, red and white would be a great combination. This looks would work well on both males and females.


It is a headshot produced with bright background (usually white) with a high contrast. Usually requires a set up of multiple lights. In this example, I used 2 lights for the background and 2 lights for the front (1 above for the hair and 1 for the face). To fill the shadow in the front, I use the circular white reflector to fill in the deep shadow under the neck and nose. One must be very careful to position the subject so it doesn't have a light spill from the strobes used to illuminate the background. Personally as a photographer, I'd like to get things right in the camera rather fixing later on the Post Processing.

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